Cyrille Dupuydauby

Cyrille started coding in his early teens, on 8 bit computers, never stopped since. He had enjoyed various roles throughout his career and is currently a senior software architect for Société Générale. Convinced that coding is still in its infancy, he strongly believes that developers/coders/IT professionals need to push the envelope further and strive to improve their practices and push to the next maturity level. That conviction pushed him to join the Software Craftsmanship movement, while recognizing this is just a step on his long journey. He also helped many peers along that way.

He has significant expertise in distributed systems, concurrency, software and systems design, messaging (solution and patterns), software performance and mechanical sympathy. He has extensive knowledge of C#/C++, OS architecture, especialy Windows.

He had talked a couple of times at conference (Devoxx Paris) and meetups, and he loves speaking at BBLs, giving him the opportunity to discover new work culture and practices as well engage with fellow developers.

NewCrafts 2018

Endangered Species: Senior Craftsmen

  • Talk
  • Developer's life

You have probably more influence than you realize. You can influence others, impact our industry, the life of others, even the World itself. Let me show you why, where and how.

If you are attending NewCrafts, you probably already have significant experience, knowledge, best practices and whatsnot. And you already help your colleagues and spread your knowledge to your peers.

But you are among rare beasts, and you are key for others: * Junior ones need your help. * Experienced ones need your leadership. * Everyone one needs your experience, expertise and creativity.

If you are ready to leave your comfort zone to do more, I will explain to you why IT needs you as well as where and how you can help. And of course, it will be a fun ride all along!

Room: Dijkstra - Time: 5/17/2018 11:45:00 AM


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